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Patricia Delso Lucas, filmmaker.

Home town: Madrid. Currently based in Brussels. I have also lived in the UK.


I write, direct, light, shoot, record sound, edit and colour correct.  


I have written, directed and/or shot films in Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Edinburgh, London, New York, Berlin, Prague, Belgium and Quebec. 

I am fascinated by the art of audiovisual storytelling and the expressive power of light and shadow. I understand cinema as a language of its own, with its vocabulary, grammar, commas and full stops.


More than anything, I am in love with the process of writing and working with actors and/or real people. I don't think I can ever stop doing it.

My passion for arts and storytelling has expanded to stage lighting, drawing and photography. I believe creativity is a generous driving force.


When I am not writing, making films, drawing, lighting plays or photographing,

I work as a broadcast engineer - life takes you to surprising places... 



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