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Sep 1998/ Jun 2004

Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Telecommunication Engineering: Image and Sound


Sep 2004/ Jun 2008

University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain


BA in Audiovisual Communication: Film Studies


Sep 2007/ Jun 2008

NIC Film Institute of Madrid, Spain


Diploma in documentary filmmaking

Sep 2008/ Jun 2010

Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK


MFA in Film Directing: Creative Documentary





London Film Academy, UK

Screenwriting, 16mm cinematography



New York University, USA

Feature film screenwriting



Sundance Shorts Lab, USA

Production and distribution of short films


2014, 2017, 2021

London Film School, UK

Several workshops in storyboarding, visual storytelling, sound design and editing, and special intensives in directing actors with Udayan Prasad and in screenwriting with Ellis Freeman



Short film screenwriting


Prague Film School, Czech Republic

Fiction filmmaking: screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing



Los Angeles Global Cinematography Institute, USA

Advanced cinematography and colour grading


Maine Media Workshops, USA

Advanced cinematography and feature film lighting


Apr 2018/ Feb 2019

Acting school Beatriz Flores Silva, Belgium

Directing actors 


La Fragua Bruta, Spain

Several workshops in experimental filmmaking

Jul 2021/ Mar 2022

Feature screenwriting






CHARLIE. Spain. 6 min. Documentary short film. Co-writer / director / co-producer / D.P. / editor.


ESPEJISMOS. Spain. 7 min. Expérimental short film. Writer / director / producer / co-D.P. / editor.

Screening: Renoir Cinema, Madrid (Spain)

Screening: EICTV (Cuba)


JUST TO CALL YOU DAD, Spain / U.K.. 16 min. Creative documentary short. Writer / director / co-producer / editor.


Nomination: BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards (U.K.)

Official selection, DocumentaMadrid (Spain)

Official selection, Cucalorus Film Festival (U.S.A.)

Official selection, Brighton See Festival (U.K.)

MediMed Film Market (Spain)



Non competitive official selection, ZINEBI Film Festival (Spain)

Official selection, Berlin Directors Lounge (Germany)

Unplugged Online Film Festival (Asia)

Observatorio Sur cinema platform (Argentina)


SEBASTIEN WAKNINE. Spain. 4 min. Creative documentaire short. Director / producer / D.P. / editor.


CELL FATE. Spain / U.K.. 24 min. Scientific documentary short. Commissioned by Co-writer / director / co-producer / editor.


Official selection, Paris Science Film Festival (France)

Official selection, Goethe Institute World Film Tour (Germany)


HANSEN Y ANDRÉS. Spain. 8 min. Creative documentary short. Co-director / producer / co-D.P. / editor.

Official selection, CreaDoc writing laboratory of the Canary Islands (Spain)


AIN'T THAT RIGHT. Spain / Czech Republic. 7 min. Short fiction film. Writer / director / producer / editor.

Audience Award, Prague Film School (Czech Republic)


Official selection, Plasencia Encorto Festival (Spain)

Official selection, Cinema Directed by Woman (Spain)

Screening: V Edition Shorty Week Film Festival, Cádiz (Spain)

Screening: XVIII Radio City International Short Film Festival (Espagne)

Official selection, Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (South Korea)

Official selection, 16th International Short Film Festival FIFICA “Cine a la Calle” (Colombia)

Official selection, Olhares do Mediterrâneo Women’s Film Festival (Portugal)

Screening: Cinema Camp Film Festival, Zamora (Spain)

Screening: Ciudad de Molina Short Film Festival (Spain)


Official selection, SESIFF Extreme-Short Rewind, Seoul (South Korea)


THE BURIAL. Canada. 8 min. Short fiction film. Director / co-producer / D.P..

Official selection, Short to the Point (Romania)

Winner: Best Experimental, nominee: Best Editor, Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (Romania)



Official selection (Unfiltered Cinema), Short Film Movie Club, Minsk (Belarus)

Winner: Best Experimental, Alternative Film Festival, Toronto (Canada)

Finalist, The Perfect Light Film Festival (Australia)

Official selection, Cinemística Festival, Granada (Spain)

Official selection, Veracruz World Film Festival (Mexico)

Official selection, Filmstrip International Film Festival (Romania)

Official selection, Motion Pictures Film Festival (Nigeria)

Official selection, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards (U.K.)

Woodengate International Film Festival (Romania)

Honorable Mention, Experimental Forum, Los Angeles (U.S.A.)

Official selection, Moving Pictures Festival, Antwerp (Belgium)

Finalist, Independent Talents International Film Festival (U.S.A.)



Official selection, Dumbo Film Festival, New York City (U.S.A.)


CSEND / Days without talking. Belgium. 4 min. Short fiction film. Co-writer / director / producer / D.P..

Official selection, STR'OFF 007 Festival du Microfilm, Strasbourg (France)

Official selection, La Rumeur Court, Liège (Belgium)


Screening: Culture Quarantine, Brussels (Belgium)


LIKE A SUNFLOWER IN JULY. Belgium. 2 min. Short fiction film. Co-writer / director / producer / co-editor.


Screening (online): Nikon Film Festival (France)



DON'T KISS ME GOODNIGHT. U.S.A. 2 min. Short fiction film. Writer / director / D.P. / editor. Advanced Cinematography practice at Maine Media Workshops.


PERDÓNAME, LOLA. Spain / Canada. 20 min. Western short film. Co-writer / co-director / co- producer / co-D.P. / co-editor.

Official selection, Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival, Kolkata (India)



Finalist, Emerging Artists Film Festival, Calgary (Canada)

Finalist, Rameshwaram International Film Festival (India)

Official selection, Bardolino Film Festival (Italy)

Official selection, Deep Fried Film Festival, Glasgow (U.K.)

Official selection, Festival de Cine y Televisión Reino de León (Spain)

Official selection, FICKIN Festival International du Cinéma de Kinshasa (Congo)

Fillum International Storical & Short Film Festival (U.S.A.)

Official selection, Malter Vándor Filmfesztivál (Hungary)

Official selection, NIFF London New Indie Film Festival of London (U.K.)

Official selection, Semana de Cine de Autor de Lugo (Spain)

Official selection, Varese International Film Festival (Italy)

Official selection, Yerevan Short Film Festival (Armenia)

Official selection, Grand Juntion Film Festival, Colorado (U.S.A.)

Official selection, SydFest Independent Film Festival, Syndey (Australia)


LE CRI DU MEROU. Belgium. 7 min. Short fiction film. Co-writer / director / co-producter / D.P..

Official selection, Metropolis Film Festival, Milan (Italy)

Finalist, Paris International Film Awards (France)

Winner: Best Artist Film (Short), Berlin Indie Film Festival (Germany)

Finalist, Berlin Shorts Awards (Germany)



Finalist, Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal)


RUNNING WITH CROWS. U.K. / France. 3 min. Creative documentary short. Part of the collective project Director / producer / D.P. / editor.

Screening: Access Arts New York City (U.S.A.)​


FOR I AM DEAD. Belgium / U.S.A.. 20 min. Short fiction film. Writer / director / producer / editor.

150+ awards and 80+ festival selections

For I Am Dead - Awards - IMDb


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